Outpatient Clinic 

Not all children and adolescents with psychiatric illnesses respond adequately to existing therapeutic interventions (usually psychotherapy and/or pharmacological treatment). These so-called treatment-resistant or treatment-refractory disorders are often associated with a particularly high burden for youth as well as their families.

The focus of our clinical service is the treatment of patients with depression who previously underwent several treatments without adequate response. Alongside depression, our clinical service addresses other complex, i.e. difficult-to-treat, and rare disorders. New therapeutic approaches with initial but promising evidence of efficacy and safety are applied by highly trained professionals.

Our outpatient clinic for "Treatment Resistant Disorders and Neuromodulation" is currently located at the University Hospital Cologne. Should you be interested in consultation please contact us via email.

Case Reports

We aim to publish reports on all cases presenting at our clinical service. This may include reports on the evidence for the efficacy of an innovative treatment, challenges in diagnostics or practitioner reviews to increase awareness for rare disorders. Staff at the lab are trained in the CARE Case Report Guidelines to support an increase in the accuracy, transparency, and usefulness of case reports. Most recent reports are linked here. 


last update 2023 10 08

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